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Benefits Of Having A Dermatologist

Everyone can benefit from having a dermatologist that they can turn to for professional care.

We know how important it is to have clear, healthy skin. After all, your skin is one of the first features that people often notice. Whether you are dealing with skin problems that affect your appearance (and confidence) or you have questions about your current skincare routine, our Knoxville, TN, dermatologists Dr. Robert C. Griffith and Dr. Robert D. Griffith can provide you with answers, treatment and care for healthier, happier skin. Here are the benefits of having a dermatologist on your team!

We Can Provide You with the Right Acne Treatment

Acne isn’t just a problem that teens deal with. Everything from hormones and your environment to your diet can exacerbate acne symptoms. The good news is that when acne-fighting cleansers just aren’t cutting it, our Knoxville, TN, dermatologists can not only determine the root cause of your acne symptoms but also how to treat them. We can provide you with effective solutions that can help you get your acne under control. If you’re struggling with how to treat your acne, our team can help.

Get Individualized Care for Skin Problems

Everything from rosacea to that changing mole will require an expert skin specialist who knows what’s going on and how to help. Having a dermatologist that you can turn to guarantees that you get an early diagnosis so that we can immediately provide you with an individualized treatment plan that offers fast relief. We also know that as you get older, certain skin problems may manifest. Here at Griffith Dermatology, we work with patients of all ages to help manage any and all skin problems that arise.

Get Custom Recommendations and Advice

While you may not have thought too much about your skincare routine as a teenager, maybe this is something that you’ve realized is incredibly important for maintaining the health of your skin. Our dermatologists can provide you with advice, as well as tips and recommendations for products to use that may be able to tackle everything from oily skin to those early signs of aging.

If you are looking for a dermatologist in Knoxville, TN, that can provide you with everything from acne medication to cosmetic treatments, then call Griffith Dermatology today at (865) 588-1361 to schedule an appointment.

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