How to Get Rid of Your Warts

Find out the most effective treatments for removing warts.warts

You’ve probably heard that old wives’ tale about how playing with toads could give you warts; however, while this is an amusing thought, we can’t blame toads for spreading warts. The only way you can develop these skin growths is through a virus (known as the human papillomavirus). Of course, sometimes these warts are in awkward areas, they cause embarrassment or are just plain uncomfortable. When this happens, our Knoxville, TN, dermatologist Dr. Robert Griffith can help.

First and foremost, if you are an otherwise healthy individual you may just find it easier to treat your warts at home or to just wait for it to go away on its own (just remember that it can take years for a wart to go away). You can find everything from acid patches to freezing treatment at your local drugstore. If you aren’t sure how to use these products you can also ask the pharmacist for advice.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes it’s important that you don’t try to treat this problem yourself, as some of these treatments (particularly if done incorrectly) could actually increase your chances for an infection. This is when you’ll want to consult with a dermatologist if you want to have the wart removed.

As you might imagine, the most effective wart removal option is found right here in our dermatologist’s office. There are a few different ways in which we can remove the wart, and the treatment option that will work best for you will depend on certain factors such as the location of the wart.

Turning to a dermatologist is a good idea if you want a fast, effective wart removal treatment or if the wart is painful or in an awkward location. Here in our office, we do everything from acid peels to liquid nitrogen (freezing the wart) to laser treatment and even minor surgery to handle your wart problems.

Are you interested in getting a wart removed in Knoxville, TN? Are at-home treatments just not cutting it? Then it’s time to call our expert dermatology team today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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